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Post-Settlement Plaintiff Funding

Post settlement funding can help both the victim bringing the lawsuit as well as the attorney representing the case. Both parties are often extended financially by the time a settlement is realized, and both will have others who are expecting to get paid. When a settlement is amortized and extended, as many big settlements can be, the victim and their attorney are often on the hook waiting for eventual cash to flow.

Need Money after Winning Your Case?

Black Diamond Funding has been in the business of assisting parties as plaintiffs as well as the attorneys representing their case. The advantage of post settlement funding is receiving much needed cash up front and we make the loan process quick and easy. With a simple call, many requests for funding can be processed and put into place within days.

For parties who have spent years in litigation to finally see a settlement occur, the wait for payment can be the ultimate insult. As a result, post-settlement funding has become so attractive, the industry now finances $100 million a year in post-settlement payments.

Structured Settlement Buyout

Structured settlements provide a claimant with an agreed upon or awarded monetary amount that is paid out over a prescribed period. Instead of receiving one lump sum payment, you would receive smaller amounts paid monthly, yearly or on another schedule. This type of settlement can help parties avoid a trial and, in some cases, reduce or eliminate taxes on the funds.

For Example: If you were awarded $50,000 for injuries, the sum might be paid in $10,000 increments over five years. While this payment system works for many individuals, it is not always the best for others. If you are unable to work, or have accumulated financial obligations, you may need your money immediately. This is where our structured settlements funding can be beneficial to you.

Need Cash Now?

Just because you agreed to receive periodic payments rather than a lump sum doesn't mean you are financially helpless. A structured settlement means you agree to a series of insurance company payments over time in exchange for the dismissal of a lawsuit brought against the defendant, but our cash options can be used to:

  • Buy a House
  • Pay for College
  • Eliminate Debts
  • Pay Medical Bills
  • Invest in a Business

Structured settlements funding provides you with a lump payment in exchange for your structured settlement. In essence, you sell your settlement to the funding provider for an upfront payment. The funding provider then receives the scheduled payments. If you would prefer to have your cash now, instead of receiving incremental payments, structured settlement funding is a good choice.

Don't Wait for Payments Spread Over Years

Get the cash that you need today. Working directly with Black Diamond Funding, you are not receiving a loan. You are receiving one payment for the money that was awarded to you. This allows you to have the use of your money without having to wait for smaller payments spread out over several years. If you are currently receiving payments from a structured settlement, we can arrange for you to receive a lump sum payment for your settlement.

With the financial support Black Diamond can provide through post settlement funding or cash out payment for a structured settlement, plaintiffs and lawyers can get back to their lives and their businesses right away versus being out in the cold on settlements that cause the cash flow to be strung out for months or years. There's no reason for the frustration to continue after winning a case or a structured settlement. Give Black Diamond a call to learn more about our creative solutions.