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Slip & Fall Lawsuit Funding

A slip and fall lawsuit often starts with an accidental injury that may have happened years before a settlement is reached. After months of investigations, records collection, filings, discovery and motions, receiving a judgment may seem like the "light at the end of a tunnel". Settlements today are often being crafted with creative payment plans, and the victim may feel a need to agree to extended terms just to get out of the case process. Unfortunately, that then means waiting for the receipt of periodic payments to arrive.

The benefits of slip and fall lawsuit funding are multiple. Instead of dealing with the frustration of waiting for a payment for years to come, a party can see the cash they need up front and right away. Furthermore, it gives the victim flexibility to deal with financial issues caused by the accident, such as medical bills, rehabilitation costs, a loss of earned income, and so on. Additionally, immediate funding can help recipients get on with their lives much sooner, by returning to a pre-accident level versus waiting each month for small steps in recovery.

Black Diamond Funding has been in the business of helping plaintiffs with creative financial solutions for years. We provide advanced funding to help injured victims get back on their feet faster and long before the lawsuit is even settled. If you're stuck in the slow progress of an amortized or structured settlement, give Black Diamond a call. The discussion could open the way to restoring normality to your life much faster, sometimes years faster.