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Personal Injury Lawsuit Funding

If you've suffered a personal injury, or are an attorney representing a personal injury case, money can start getting tight in a hurry. In order to prevent bills from piling up, it may be necessary to find a reliable source for personal injury lawsuit funding.


How Can I Pay My Bills?

Personal injuries can range anywhere from a sprained wrist to a disabling condition. As a victim, you may need physical therapy, emotional therapy or help with the kids and household duties. Insurance may cover some of your costs, and a good lawyer might get you the rest. But can you really wait several months or possibly years to take care of yourself and your family?

Sometimes victims think they have the money in their budget to handle the immediate expenses, but any case can hit a snag along the way and even settlement offers are delayed. In these instances, Black Diamond Funding can help with a personal injury lawsuit loan, so both attorneys and their clients can continue to make progress as the case is settled. With Black Diamond Funding you can get the personal injury lawsuit funding you need to take care of yourself the best way possible without having to wait until your lawsuit is settled.


Helping Lawyers Too

Because there is so much at stake, personal injury cases are often highly emotional. Your attorneys will try to make things easier on you by not charging upfront fees -- some do not charge unless they win the case. But keeping the investigation going isn't cheap. You'll have court fees, milleage reimbursement for travel expenses to meet with medical and law enforcement staff or witnesses. And, you'll also need to make a living. With Personal Injury Lawsuit Funding from Black Diamond, your law firm doesn't have to wait for a settlement to come through before they get their payday. You can both have the money you need without sacrifice to your claim.


Easy Online Form

Whether you're the one who was injured or the lawyer trying to do the right thing for their client, applying for our personal injury lawsuit funding starts with an easy online form. From there, our representatives will call you and walk you through the rest of the steps. Once you and your attorney sign the agreement, funds can be distributed either by mail or electronically, often within a day.