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Auto Accident Lawsuit Funding

Being involved in an auto accident can be both painful and expensive for everyone involved. This includes not only the persons in the accident, but their families, care providers, medical personnel, and the attorneys that represent the case. Most auto accident attorneys have a stipulation that they will not charge fees until the case is over, and sometimes those fees are only charged if the accident victim wins their case. In the meantime, auto accident lawsuit funding is needed.

Funds to Do the Job Right

While some people may be under the assumption that lawyers are made of money, often this is not the case. If it is a smaller personal injury law firm or a newer practice, representing the case can become expensive. The accident investigation takes legwork, which can translate into cold hard cash. With a loan from Black Diamond Funding, you can rest easy that the money you need to properly investigate a claim will be there, eliminating any temptation to cut corners.

Money for the Meantime

If you have consulted with an attorney who is confident that they can get you a decent settlement, that is great. However, you may still need a housekeeper to help you with chores while you recuperate, or you may even need to fix or replace your car. Since legal cases can take time and sometimes you just can't wait, Black Diamond Funding can work with your attorney to assess what these expenses might be. Then, we can loan you the cash to make sure your day-to-day needs are met while you negoiate a settlement.

NOTE: A request for funding doesn't have to come at the beginning of a case. Sometimes a case will last longer than expected, which can leave both the attorney and the client spread thin. When it comes to auto accident lawsuit funding, we're here to help you or your attorney the time you need.

An Easy Process

After an auto accident, everything can seem complicated, but applying for a loan with Black Diamond funding is not one of those things. Simply fill out our online form. From there, a representative will call you about your case. With your permission, we contact your attorney for a more thorough evaluation of your lawsuit, and within two days we can tell you the amount of funding we can provide.

Once our underwriting department has approved the amount and a signed contract is received, your funds are distributed that day, either through the mail or a directl deposit into your bank account,