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Black Diamond Funding
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lawsuit funding
Litigation Funding
for Potential Plaintiffs, Plantiffs
and Attorneys

About Personal Injury Case FundingĀ 

At Black Diamond Funding, we believe in an open and honest approach to the funding of our client's needs. We have the proper financial systems in place to put "much needed funds" in the hands of those injured by someone else's negligence as well as the attorneys representing a victim's personal injury or wrongful death case. We believe in working closely with both the plaintiff and their attorney to ensure the victim of a personal injury case has the proper financial means to meet their immediate household needs until their claim is resolved.

Some of the business specialties and strengths that our owners bring to Black Diamond Funding include:

  • Risk and Fault Assessments
  • Relationship Building
  • Contract Management
  • Estimating Settlement Values
  • ROI Calculations and Forecasting
  • New Market Engagements
  • Data Analysis and Rate Negotiation
  • Projecting Settlement Timelines
  • Personal Injury Fault Assessments
  • Structured Settlement Transfer

While other lawsuit lending companies try their best to trick you with what appears to be low interest rates, Black Diamond Funding shows you exactly what you will pay at the time your case reaches a negotiated or court settlement. Many of our competitors don't agree with this level of transparency and prefer to hide their bottom line. Our founders have the experience to accurately project settlement values, determine case timelines, assess repayment capabilities, bid for lending projects and negotiate structured settlement transfers. Upon approval and receipt of the signed agreement, we can provide cash in the hands of the plaintiffs in as quickly as a few hours time.

Thank you for visiting Black Diamond Funding online, please continue to browse and let us know how we can assist with your specific needs for lawsuit funding.